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  • Skott - A new kind of AI?

  • Pope on AI

  • ChatGPT Desktop App for macOS Now Available for All Users

  • Not All ‘Open Source’ AI Models Are Actually Open

  • Voice Actors Battle AI Company Over Cloned Voices

  • Get More Done with AI: Best Tools for Time Management

Skott - A new kind of AI? 

Skott is an autonomous AI marketer designed to uplift a brand’s digital presence by automating marketing, 365 days a year. 

Skott is not an AI application. Nor is it a humanoid. It’s somewhere in between. Imagine the thinking capabilities of a human, with the efficiency of AI - that Skott, the AI Marketing Agent. 

While AI writing assistant tools like Jasper and Hypotenuse are fantastic for specific tasks, Skott is designed to work autonomously, conducting research, writing & publishing independently - a self-sufficient AI marketer

Skott is for you if you are:

  • Struggling to conduct in-depth research for blogs 

  • Have limited resources for content creation & marketing

  • Have difficulty keeping up with SEO trends & marketing demands

Skott is designed to free up your time, allowing you to focus on the more exciting aspects of marketing: learning, creating, and experimenting. It handles the heavy lifting, so you can direct your energy towards innovation and strategy.


Pope on AI

Pope Francis emphasized the ethical use of artificial intelligence to benefit humanity and mitigate its risks during an audience at the Vatican.

He spoke at the international convention on 'Generative Artificial Intelligence and Technocratic Paradigm,' organized by the Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice Foundation.

The Pope stressed that AI should remain a tool in human hands, avoid fostering inequality, and promote human dignity.

He encouraged continued research on AI's impact and cautioned against misusing the term "intelligence" to describe AI capabilities.

ChatGPT Desktop App for macOS Now Available for All Users

Get faster access to ChatGPT to search past conversations or chat about anything on your screen with the Option + Space shortcut.

You can also search past conversations.

Not All ‘Open Source’ AI Models Are Actually Open

A recent analysis in "Nature" reveals that many AI models from big companies like Meta and Microsoft are not as "open source" as they claim.

Key parts of their code and training data are hidden, which reduces transparency.

Researchers Dingemanse and Liesenfeld found that smaller companies and academic groups provide more genuine openness.

This is important because the EU's upcoming AI Act supports truly open-source models. True openness is vital for scientific progress and innovation in AI.

Voice Actors Battle AI Company Over Cloned Voices

Voice actors Paul Skey Lehrman and Linnea Sage are suing an AI company, Lovo, for copying their voices without permission.

They were hired for research, but their voices ended up in videos and podcasts they didn't record.

Sage has lost 75% of her work this year because of AI clones. Lovo’s tool allows users to create custom voice clones, but there are no federal laws to protect against this.

Lawyer Ryan Schmidt says there's an urgent need for federal protection of AI likeness.

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